17mm BubbleTop Mat

The Bubbletop Equestrian mat is 17mm thick and is the same pattern as our Ascot; however this mat material is made from a slightly softer compound.  Offering the best gripping surface of our “Legacy Range” this is a traditional mat with grooves that run the length of mat on the underside.


These mats are 184cm (6ft) x 122cm (4ft) with an average weight of 38kg.

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£36.12 inc V.A.T LOW STOCK

17mm Cobbletop Mat

Cobbletop pattern solid rubber mats – Economical mats with grooved underside and low-profile top surface – the alternative to Bubbletop mats and the cheapest in our range. 


These mats are 184cm (6ft) x 122cm (4ft) x 17mm thick with an average weight of 38 to 40kg.



£35.63 inc V.A.T LOW STOCK

12mm Bubbletop Mat

The 12mm bubbletop equestrian mat is a lighter grade mat an alternative to the 17mm option for smaller horses of up to 14hh and a medium weight or ponies. It is essential that the mats are close-fitted when installed, please enquire about our fitting service.


New Stock Due in on the 18th Sept.

£28.93 inc V.A.T LOW STOCK

12mm Cobbletop Mat

The light weight version of our heavier 17mm CobbleTop, 6ft x 4ft x 12mm mat. Cobble pattern is lower profile and easier to sweep clean. If you would prefer to have your mats fitted by the Horsemat team then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Currently out of stock, please see 12mm Amoebic and Bubbletop as alternatives.

£28.54 inc V.A.T LOW STOCK

Rubber – the Facts

Beware ! Unfortunately, in our industry there are many people who have no knowledge of the product they are selling, or are simply trying to mislead the customer – each day we come across claims such as ‘100% rubber – made from pure natural Indian rubber, from the rubber trees themselves’ – this is a.. Read more


The same appearance as the traditional  BubbleTop Mat, but produced from a denser compound of rubber and is therefore harder wearing. Little “bubbles” on the top side of this mat provide the best gripping surface, grooves run the length of the mat on the underside.  It is important to fit the mats as tightly as possible so if you would like to take advantage of our fitting and installation service please do not hesitate to contact us.

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These mats are 184cm (6ft) x 122cm (4ft) x 17mm thick with an average weight of 44kg.

£42.58 inc V.A.T IN STOCK