Newmarket Mat

Our own unique mat – previously the ‘CROCTOP MAT’, designed for stables with little or no drainage, with hundreds of square feet on the underside providing bi-directional drainage and a low profile top surface easy to sweep and keep clean.


These mats are 184cm (6ft) x 122cm (4ft) x 18mm thick with an average weight of 40kg.

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£40.12 inc V.A.T LOW STOCK

Newmarket Mat Connectors

These connectors are used to snap on the little feet on the underside of our Newmarket mats and minimise movement, especially useful in open walled stables with no side walls to retain the mats.

We normally suggest 4 connectors along mat lengths and 2 or 3 across mat widths.

£1.20 inc V.A.T LOW STOCK