On-Board Ship Heli-Pads

Produced from Non-Slip GRP sheeting and cut to shape and design using our water-jet cutting equipment, we are able to supply these specialist floors for the toughest of applications.

By taking on-board measurements from both the structure and existing deck and combining these with our own CAD drawings, we are then able to cut the various sheets to pattern, so that they can be simply assembled and fitted on the deck.

Even better than that – all of this within the short turn-round time these boats are in port – in the instance to the deck shown here – that’s just 5 days – day 1 strip existing deck, day 2 measure and create CAD files, day 3 and 4 cut the 54 separate panels required, day 5 fit new deck !

These decks are not confined to ships – they are fitted to oil and gas rigs and on all types of buildings where underlying surfaces need to be protected, and a simply non-slip fixed cover is the solution!

Show Time!

While you’re watching a show, at a gig by a live band, a play in a theatre or some television programmes – have you ever looked at the floors?

No? not surprising really . . . . what’s happening on the floor is normally much more interesting!

We’re the opposite (sad, we know!) – we’re highly interested in what the floor is made of in many of these cases – often there’s a lot of design work gone into this part of any production like this, that no-one really gets to appreciate – often it’s just a part of the back-drop.

The production of these special floors can be a lengthy task – sometimes taking months to produce, and hundreds of hours on some of the most complicated machinery used in the UK.

Perf Mat 1

The floor shown here, includes 4 different colour mats – all pre-cut to design and each perforated with up to 2000 drainage holes per sqmt produced from a special rubber flooring with a rigid plastic backing.

Because of the accuracy required, the holes are all cut by water-jet – piercing both materials together, to produce perfect round drain holes allowing water to flow through the mat as the floor is submerged.

Floors for these types of application are not just for aesthetic purposes – they can also perform a function, in the case of this design, a method of introducing and dispersing water quickly over a floor area. But flooring is often laid for safety reasons, to provide suitable grip for performers or as a soft-fall material so that no-one is hurt too much in that ever important, dramatic fight scene!

Horsemat are able to demonstrate their ability to work on major projects such as this, working closely with designers, floor technicians, all types of sub-contractors and fitters – while being involved in risk assessments, planning, material specification and sourcing, CAD, manufacture, bonding, handling and even installation of the product.

Project Planning

The expert team at Horsemat can help to plan your project with you. Whether you are renovating old stables, developing an entire new yard, converting an old warehouse into a gym or embarking on an entirely new building project, we are able to plan around and work with you and other trades to ensure everything is executed and completed on time and is as stress free as possible.

You can contact us now via e-mail: sales@horsemat.co.uk Telephone:01787 886929 or Facebook.


Whether you need some help choosing the right product or working out how much you need, our team of friendly experts at Horsemat are always happy to help. With decades of knowledge we will be able to assist you with any problems you may have.  Nothing you can ask will surprise us and we are rarely stumped! You can contact us now via e-mail: sales@horsemat.co.uk Telephone:01787 886929 or Facebook.

Bespoke Services

At Horsemat, we are proud to be able to offer fully bespoke products. With an array of cutting edge technology, our water jet machine, travelling head press or our automated cutting knife, we can cut a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, rubber and many others. Whether it’s horse walker matting, pre cut stable matting, horsebox flooring, precision cut matting for your home gym or even something a little different, we can take the hassle out of your project by cutting it  to your specification.

You can contact us now via e-mail: sales@horsemat.co.uk Telephone:01787 886929 or Facebook.

Cleaning Services

Whether it is to ensure your stable is ready for its all new installation of mats or to just off load this essential but filthy job and return your stable to its former glory, we are here to help. We will professionally clean your whole stable from wall to floor, removing the mats to ensure it is clean throughout and then our cleaning/fitting team will put the cleaned mats back for you.

You can contact us now via e-mail: sales@horsemat.co.uk Telephone:01787 886929 or Facebook.


Design Services

With over 30 years experience in the rubber and plastics industry, our experts have a vast knowledge of designing bespoke products to exact specifications. With state of the art machinery and CAD design, including 3D,  we can design your product to exact requirements, nothing is too big or too small!  You can contact us now via e-mail: sales@horsemat.co.uk Telephone:01787 886929 or Facebook.