Having stable matting can be fantastic, they will protect your horse, save you money and save you time! The big questions is, which ones do you need? With many styles on the market is seems hard to find which ones will suit you best.

We stock a range of different stable matting; this isn’t to make it harder, it’s just to ensure we have all bases covered! The three styles most used in stables are:

The Bubbletop Stable Mat

This mat is great if you have an older or younger horse that has trouble getting up or down. It has drawing pin size bubbles on the top side to give the best anti-slip surface possible. The down side is, with all that extra grip, it is a pain to sweep clean if you use shavings or pellets. This mat has grooves on the underside to assist with drainage.

The Amoebic Stable Mat 

This mat has a low-profile pattern which makes it easy to sweep clean and maintain. For this reason, it is our most popular mat, as who wants to spend all their time mucking out? Your horse will still get loads more grip than before as rubber is far more slip resistant than concrete. The grooves on the underside are for drainage.

The Cobbletop Stable Mat

This mat is the middle man, it has a rolling bubble pattern so offers more grip than the Amoebic mat yet is easier to sweep clean than the Bubbletop mat. This mat also has grooves on the underside to aid drainage.

If you have any questions or doubts we are only a phone call away and are happy to talk you through each of the mats and send you samples so you can see them for yourselves!

With nationwide delivery, you need to decide if you want to fit them yourselves, have them fitted or get them sealed.

Fully Sealed installation

With this type of installation the mats are glued together using our Stable Sealant and expansion joints to ensure the stable is fully sealed. We use expansion gaps to allow the mats to freely expand and contract naturally. This type of installation means nothing gets under the mats so you don’t have to lift them out and clean underneath.

Loose Laid installation

 with this installation we cut the mats so there are no gaps to minimise the amount of fluid that gets underneath. Unfortunately, you will still need to take the mats out every year to clean them out.

We are based in the East of England and mainly cover the South East for installations however, we do cover most of the UK. For a free quote or any advice please call 01787 886929 | [email protected] | Facebook