Rubber stable mats have been around for a long time now but there is still a little bit of uncertainty about what they do and what benefits they offer. Or is it simply something nice to do for your horse / pony? Well hopefully I can clear this up for you!

There are surprising amount of positives you will get by just installing mats. I’ve listed them out below to try and keep things clear.


Low profile stable mats with a starw bed on top

Stable mat Positives

Warmth – Stable mats can add quite a lot of warmth to your stables, especially through the winter months! With the matting being 17mm thick and made from solid rubber it’s a great insulator and helps to keep to the cold of the concrete floor away!

Protection – how many times has your horse caught or scraped their hocks? With matting this can be a thing of the past! Minimizing the chances of unnecessary cuts or scrapes or vet bills! The 17mm rubber offers excellent protection from the concreate floor. We also have matting for protecting them against the walls and doors to, but that’s for another day.

Saving Money who doesn’t want to save money? How much money depends on you and your horse. As a rule of thumb, we say you can reduce the bed by a third however, you do have to use some common sense. If you go in most of the bedding is wet, add some more; if there’s loads of dry bedding, take some out. While the matting is fantastic, it is non-porous, so you still need bedding to soak up all the urine.

Saving Time – This one is important as no one has enough of this in their lives! With less bedding there is less to muck out. add in an easy sweep pattern and you could be in and out in a flash, giving you time for a longer shower and time to dry your hair? (We’ve all been to work with semi-wet hair and had to deal with the frizzy aftermath in the afternoon.)


The Drawbacks of matting

Don’t panic! While there are some minor drawbacks don’t be put off by them as we have a way to get around them all. I know it seems backwards for us to tell you about these however, we have to as you need to know the whole picture!

Weight – The mats are heavy at around 38-40 KG per mat they can be back breaking. The reason for the weight is, if its easy for you to move around, then it will be easy for your horse to move around. You really don’t want this, if they are moving them around you will be forever putting them back and cleaning them out. So, the mats are nice and heavy so once they’re down, there down! If you don’t want to have to move them fear not! We offer full installation on all our products, so you don’t have to! There is a “quote me for fitting” button on every page, hit that and we can get that sorted for you.

Cleaning – The mats do need cleaning from time to time. If you have installed them yourself or had a loose laid installation it will be at least once a year. equally, if you have a very wet horse, then you might need to do if more often. If this doesn’t sound like something you want to have to do, then just have your mats fully sealed. Our fully sealed installation stops anything getting under the mats so all you have to do is hose the mats down and let them dry! Much easier!


How do you get yours?

Simple, Click Here to go over to our stable mat page on the website. Or, if you prefer a person then just give us a call on 01787 886929 our friendly staff can explain all the types of mats and help you choose the mat which is going to suit you and your horse the most. IF you haven’t got time for either, you can always drop us an e-mail. Just let us know your stable size and postcode and we will get a full quote over to you [email protected]. or Via Facebook 

If you wanted to see which mat is going to suit you best, check out our blog: Stable mats- what’s right for you?