Grass Carpet 2m x 20 rolls


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A version of our Heavy Duty Mesh with a strong needle punched non-woven geotextile, heat bonded to one side. Designed for use in wet muddy ground to provide a ‘clean’ route for vehicles and foot traffic.




GrassCarpet™ Grass Carpet incorporates a heavy-duty plastic reinforcement mesh bonded to a strong needle punched non-woven geotextile. GrassCarpet™ can be used to provide two functions for the temporary protection and access requirements on grass surfaces depending on whether the mesh or geotextile is laid upwards. GrassCarpet™ is particularly necessary in wet and muddy conditions:

  • Temporary reinforcement solution for wet muddy ground required for access, parking & grass tracks
  • 14.5mm thick material
  • Ideal for outdoor events, weddings exhibitions, concerts and marquee paths, and flooring
  • Ideal for temporary wheelchair access routes
  • Allows a professional clean ‘carpet’ path for the public and guests at outdoor events
  • Quick to install, quick to remove – Re-usable over and over again
  • Protects the grass surface and allows pedestrian and vehicle access on wet and muddy grass

Geotextile upwards

With the mesh laid on the ground with the geotextile upwards. Grass Carpet provides a clean, stable surface for pedestrians and guests, whilst protecting the grass from damage. Ideal for walkways at outdoor events, parties, weddings and for marquees, gazebos, and tents.

GrassCarpet™ is ideal as flooring in and around marquees and other highly pedestrianised areas which could cause either damage to the grass surface or create a ‘muddy mess’ that is not desirable to an outdoor event.

GrassCarpet™ can also be used as a trackway if pedestrians and vehicles are using the same access route. It is particularly beneficial if poor weather is forecast which could cause a cancellation to your event due to grass access issues in the wet.
Mesh upwards

With the geotextile laid on the underside with the mesh upwards. GrassCarpet™ provides additional reinforcement to the grass surface allowing immediate temporary use for vehicles. Ideal as a temporary road surface, trackway, or grass track at outdoor events. The mesh offers ground reinforcement, while the geotextile does not allow the mesh to sink deep into the ground, thus offering the perfect temporary access road.

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Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 100 cm

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