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310ml Rubber Adhesive Cartridge

High strength adhesive for edge bonding rubber mats in stables, gyms, industrial floors etc

Supplied in a 310ml cartridge to fit standard cartridge guns for easy application

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12 QTY £-1.61

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A high quality rubber adhesive suitable for our matting products, designed for quickly and effectively bonding rubber to rubber and rubber to other surfaces – including metals, stone, glass and sealed surfaces (ie brick, concrete etc).

The compound has excellent adhesive strength in peel and tension.
Directions for edge bonding mats:

  • Pre-cut mats to fit area as tightly as possible

  • Adhesive should not be applied at temperatures below 5°C

  • Lift mat edges and clean edges with a solvent wipe

  • Work from the back of the area towards the door to ensure you are not working on bonded mats

  • Ensure surfaces are dry, and then apply bead of adhesive along edge of mat

  • Bring two edges to be bonded together so that adhesive spreads evenly across edge surfaces

  • Remove any access adhesive with a pallet knife (adhesive can be applied to mat edges and re-used)

  • Leave for 7 hours for adhesive to cure

  • Seal nozzle on adhesive for future use


Contains Isocyanates. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of small children. See information available from the manufacturer for more details (full instructions and MSDS supplied with goods)

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