20mm Dual Coloured EVA Dovetailed Tile


1m x 1m x 20mm Supplied in Dual colour, soft density EVA mats suitable for sports fall mats for Judo etc and also suitable as general play area mats for nurseries etc.  This mat comes in a Tatami Pattern. Each mat includes two dovetailed straight sides.



£11.64 inc V.A.T

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Standard Red/Blue (other colours can be made to order) EVA foam mats used typically for Martial Arts.

The mats are made in 1m x 1m sheet size with interlinking dovetail jigsaw edges. They are made from a hard-wearing EVA foam and are reversible, extending the life of the mat even in the most arduous environments. Each mat has the standard Tatami pattenation on both sides providing sufficient grip, while allowing easy cleaning

The mats are non-toxic and have a low burn rate and low smoke emission.

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