Crumb Rubber Pavers 30mm thick

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A 30mm medium duty standard red/terracotta 500mm square tile that incorporates a plastic plug joining system. The mats are porous, allowing drainage through the tiles and away via a camber or sloping under-surface.


Crumb Rubber Pavers 30mm are used for various different floors – in stables they offer a comfortable surface for horses. (used on the Continent without bedding !). In washdown areas as a non-slip mat where water drains away quickly, on general walkways as a comfortable surface. In gymnasiums relieving muscle strain and providing a firm, safe working surface and around play equipment – again offering a soft-fall floor surface.

These 30mm thick mats are 500mm square and incorporate a simple plastic plug-in mortise and tenon jointing system that links the mats together. 30mm tiles should be laid on firm surfaces such as existing concrete or tarmac. Ramp edges and retaining strips can be supplied where required to ensure there is no movement where mats are not constrained by walls for instance.

  • Stable Floors
  • Childrens Play Areas
  • Soft Garage Flooring
  • Soft Path Way Flooring

When being laid in wet areas. There should be an adequate slope on the underlying floor to ensure free movement of liquid away from the tiles. Where there is grease or dirt build-up. The tiles can be easily wiped clean or pressure-washed with mild detergents and disinfectants.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 120 × 110 × 50 cm

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