Dog Training Ball


£7.20 inc V.A.T

Designed for Durability

A preferred design Dog Training Ball used by the Armed Forces for medium sized dogs. The ball has excellent bounce characteristics, being produced from a highly resilient, non-toxic hard natural rubber compound.


Designed for your Dog

The hollow design Dog Training Ball allows your dog to breathe through the ball. You can also insert treats in the center hole to enhance the scent for search and retrieve training. This medium size ball is intended for medium size dogs such as;

  • Spaniels,
  • Retrievers,
  • Labradors.

For larger dogs, we would suggest a larger ball which we are currently developing with our Vet for release in Summer 2019.

Do’s and Don’ts

At 68mm diameter and weighing 120grams, this ball like all solid rubber balls, it’s not designed for use in water as it will simply sink. Cork inserts can be used to aid flotation. Before propelling the ball into a lake, we suggest you try this first in a bucket of water!

To throw balls, standard plastic ball launchers can be used. Due to their weight, expect them to travel some distance!


We’re trying to keep these in stock – but like all good things, they don’t seem to stay in stock long! We are aiming to ensure availability at all times, but if we’re showing zero stock, just give us a call and we’ll confirm the next batch production run and delivery time!


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