When you buy from Horsemat Ltd. We are make a promise to you. Our service promise covers the following things, with a brief description on each point. If their anything you need to know please get in contact us. 01787 886929, [email protected]

Free Advice

Whether you are just looking or you are committed to buying, we are on hand to talk via phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have. We are able to work out how many mats you need as well as going through the different options to ensure you get the right one for you and your horse!

– Honesty

We pride ourselves on our integrity; we would rather not sell you a product than sell you something that won’t work. We will also talk the through the benefits of our different products and services and will advise you on the best one for you (not the most expensive).


Our Staff have over 65 years of combined experience with rubber and equestrian matting. So it doesn’t matter if you want to use matting in a conventional way or not we are on hand to help you with your project, no matter how wacky it may be.

– Installation

We offer three different types of installation and will go through the pro’s and con’s for each one with you. We also promise that you will be happy with the installation when we leave. If something were to go wrong afterwards; we promise to do everything we can to put it right.

Personal Service

Horsemat Ltd. is here to help you. No matter how many mats you want we promise to do everything we can to make your purchase as easy as possible. If you think we could improve on anything, we would love to hear how!

– Reputable Company

Horsemat Ltd. is a reputable company that has been trading over 10 years. We are VAT registered with a registered address and landline telephones. This means you can buy in confidence knowing that if you have a problem, we will still be here to sort it out for you.

– Bespoke Service

Our service is tailored to you whether it is getting your delivery to you on a certain day, or having something made, cut or designed specially for you, we have all the tools required to make it happen for you.

– Measuring & Site Visit*

If you are unsure about any of your measurements, or would like to see one of our team we are able to visit you on site and talk through all the options and measure your stables, horse walker , paddocks or walkways. *Please note there may be a charge involved which we would discuss this with you before hand.