Horse Walker Matting

Horse Walkers are a vital part of many yards ensuring exercise levels are maintained, but making sure you have the right surface within your walker is of the upmost importance. Along with traditional crumb rubber pavers, we also offer solid rubber mats that can be precision cut specifically to the dimensions of your walker. There are some examples of our precision cut mats below, however we can cut to ANY size, call or email us now with the dimensions of your Horsewalker, (approximate will do at first!) for your FREE quotation.

Customers have noticed the following benefits by installing mats within their Horse Walkers:

• Reduction in shoe wear
• Reduction in muscle strain
• Reduction in slipping
• Underlying surface protection
• Improved drainage systems
• Safe surface for unshod horses to exercise

Many of the UK’s top yards now use our pre-cut mat systems and while these mats are designed to be self-installed, we also are pleased to offer a complete installation and maintenance service for any of our walker mat systems. This can include surface preparation, cutting and fitting, adhesive bonding and also repair of walkways. For further information on the various materials, systems and applications please contact us.

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This is our finest range of Equestrian matting. All products in this range have been chosen for their unique qualities.

Our tried. tested, old faithful matting. All products in this range offer best value for money, while still maintaining a high standard of quality.