Grass Mats

This category contains the different grass mats that are used to fix/ improve your muddy gateways, fields and turn out areas! The best time for installation is spring. This because the grass is growing so they embed faster, giving you the best basis for the winter. They can be installed during winter however; you will already have a problem. They are laid straight onto the ground with minimal preparation.  You install the grass mats with pegs and ties.

The matting works best by embedding within the root base of the grass. Once they have, the grass has grown through, making the mats completely invisible.  There doesn’t have to be grass there first but the soil will have to be seeded and the process takes longer. Horsemat has sold hundreds of thousands of mats into every application and have great knowledge of which grass mats are best for each application.

Gateway and paddock matting don’t need planning permission as maintain the appearance and layout of the land. We have products that can run vehicles of up to 8T per axle over so are perfect for grass roads and trackways.

How to buy your Rubber Grass Matting?

Have a measure of the area you are looking to cover. Once you have you can get a quote via our “quote me” button. Alternatively, you can get your free quote through e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: 01787 886929. If you know the quantity, you need you can also order directly from here.

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This is our finest range of Equestrian matting. All products in this range have been chosen for their unique qualities.

Our tried. tested, old faithful matting. All products in this range offer best value for money, while still maintaining a high standard of quality.