We all like to save money and everyone has heard that matting can save you money however, after getting a quote, many are left thinking there is no way you will ever save more than you spend. Here is a quick guide to let you how you can actually save money! 



Firstly you can reduce your bedding by at least a third although, as we all know, our beasties are all different, it is not an exact science, a bit of trial and error and common sense!  If you are lucky and there is lots of dry bedding you can take some more out, after all, once you have matting down, the bed is really only there to soak up urine! If your stable is wet and smells put some more back! As a rough guide if you are spending £100 on bedding each month then you could save £33 per month! The first year the mats will pay for themselves then after that, it is just money in the bank… or on other equine stuff! 



What price on our time? This is something none of us have enough of and the little you do have, you don’t want to spend more time than necessary mucking out the horses! Well the good news is once you are using less bedding you have less to clear out so you should be able to get round faster leaving you more time to ride! 



This is really just an extra little benefit, in addition to the main first two however, every penny counts in today’s world! Now you’re using less bedding you will be throwing less away! So no matter how you get rid of it, it will become less frequent! 


So now you know how it saves you money, you now have the hard task of finding the right mats and service for you! Although, if you call or drop us an e-mail we would be delighted to talk you through the different options! If not, CLICK HERE to get over to our website and have a look for yourself! 


Thanks for reading! Team Horsemat!