Horse-Exerciser Matting – Measuring your Circular Walker


To measure a circular horse-exerciser for rubber matting, please follow these instructions:


  1. Measure across the walker, from the inside of the outside fence, through the centre point, to the opposite inside of outer fence – at North/South and East/West positions (ie 90° to each other)

  2. At the same points, measure the corresponding walkway widths

  3. You will then have 2 diameter measurements and 4 walkway width measurements – from this we can assess if the walker is round and the walkway width consistent.

  4. These measurements are adequate for us to quote prices – however for us to make an accurate drawing for manufacture,  we do advise that you also take measurements between these – ie at the North East/South West and North West/South East angles.

  5. From the measurements you provide, we make an accurate CAD drawing and translate this into dovetailed tiles, which we then cut specifically to the dimensions you have provided. It is therefore imperative that these dimensions are as accurate as possible.

  6. We can make an allowance on the Outside Diameter and Inside Diameter measurements you give us to ensure the mats fit easily between fences without interference or need for trimming (normally we would allow approx. 1”/25mm gaps around inner and outer if you prefer.