Fully Sealed Stable Matting

Our Fully sealed installation service means never having to lift your mats again!

a stable with 17mm cobbletop mats installed with our fully sealed system. This means no fluid will get under the mat meaning you dont have to remove the mats to clean underneath

Fully Sealed installation

Our Fully sealed installation service is the easy maintenance option.  Our team will come out and install the stable matting for you, all you have to do is muck out your stable.  If you have a totally sealed floor, it simplifies your cleaning regime.  If we have more time, we have more time to ride! It really is the simple way forward!

  • Making cleaning easy. Nothing gets under the mats.
  • Reducing nasty smells and standing water.

Our technique of sealing mats means the mats are able to expand and contract naturally while maintaining a seal.

sealed American

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    Loose laid installation service

    • Our loose laid installation service minimizes wet under the mats.
    • Skilled fitters ensure you have little or no gaps.
    • Your mats can be moved if you were to move stables.
    • May reduce the number of times you have to lift the mats.
    • Saves your back and fingers!

    With over a decade of experience installing mats, there isn’t much we don’t know.

    If you choose to have our loose laid installation service our fitters are skilled at what they do.  The mats are fitted as tightly as possible. Reducing the amount of fluid and bedding under the mats and smells in your stables. If you never want to move your mats again, please have a look at our Fully Sealed Installation.

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    Loose laid installation of rubber matting with a straw bed on top

    DIY – 20mm Stable Pack Elite

    The 20mm stable wall pack elite includes everything you need to cover a 12′ x 12′ stable. Give your horse maximum protection with this DIY kit.

    If you have a different size stable please contact us as we would be delighted to advise.

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    20mm EVA showing the diamondtop side with the smooth backside