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Stable Spray Contact Adhesive 500ml Aerosol


 Stable Spray is a Aerosol contact adhesive that comes in a 500ml can; this makes it  easy to apply. It is suitable for bonding EVA wall lining to ply, brick, concrete block, plaster and rendered surfaces.

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This is an extra-strong contact adhesive supplied in aerosol form for easy application.

By spraying both the surface of the mat and the (dry) surface to be bonded to, allowing to go tack dry (normally about 30 seconds) then pressing the mat to the wall, adhesion takes place almost immediately.

A single 500ml can is normally adequate to bond 3 standard 6ft x 4ft sheets and the adhesive has been used successfully on different wall surfaces, including ply-lined, brick, concrete block, plaster and trowel finished rendered surfaces. Where walls are extra porous, a primer may be required prior to bonding.

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