Trailer Gum

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Trailer Gum comes in a 1.1kg handy pack pot with a disposable 1mm notched trowel. This one-part adhesive is suitable for bonding our Moulded Ramp mat and Griptop matting to the ramp of your horse box. This is best applied with the supplied small notched trowel.



£27.00 inc V.A.T

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Trail Gum Application

For best application ensure the area is clean and dry. Make sure sure  the rubber you are gluing down has been cleaned and any release agent has been cleaned off. cut the mat to make sure it fits. once you are ready and everything is prepared, pour out the glue and spread to get 100% coverage on the area. Spread the glue with the disposable 1mm notched trowel to get a good even coverage. once the area is covered simple lay on the rubber. for ramps it is best to attach any aluminium trims to help keep the rubber tight. For heavy rubber rolls in the horse area of the horsebox or trailer you can weight the corners and open edges to keep the edges tight while the glue cures.


Each bottle will cover 6m2 with the 1mm notched trowel. so will cover a 2.4m x 2.4m ramp.



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