Wall Mat Fixing

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These are easy-to fit plastic,  animal friendly wall fixings for almost any wall and mat combination.

Simple to fix, all that’s needed are a drill, 10mm wood/masonry bit and hammer!

These pins are sold in packs of 100

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A tough glass-fibre reinforced polyamid fixing pin suitable for fixing either EVA, solid Rubber or polyboard wall protection to concrete, brick or block walls. Longer fixings are able to be fixed through board lined stable walls into solid backgrounds.

Other fittings are available for fixing to wood – alternatively a suitable metal screw can be used instead of the polypropylene nail fixing.

The large cap head on the fixing applies pressure to a larger area of the mat, reducing the possibility of tearing at the fixture point. Spacing is dependant on the type and weight of wall mat being used – typically for 10mm EVA we suggest 150mm spacing, while for solid rubber mats 100mm spacing (this does also depend on the wall composition).

We offer two standard pins:

Short for 10 to 30 light-weight mat thickness and

Long  for 17 to 60 mm mat thickness (ie solid rubber mats)

Longer fixings are also available to order (70-80, 90-100 and 110-120 mat fixing)


  • Drill a hole through the insulation material according to the total length of anchor plus 20mm

  • Insert the anchor until the head contacts the insulating material. The anchoring depth in the base material must be at least 30mm

  • Insert the expansion nail in the anchor.

  • Then expand with a hammer until the nail is flush

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