Newmarket Mat Connectors

Reference : HMNMConnect

These connectors are used to snap on the little feet on the underside of our Newmarket mats and minimise movement, especially useful in open walled stables with no side walls to retain the mats.

We normally suggest 4 connectors along mat lengths and 2 or 3 across mat widths.

£1.20 inc V.A.T
6 QTY £-0.20
12 QTY £-0.40
30 QTY £-0.60

More Info

These connectors are 6mm thick, and simply clipped over the square feet on the bottom of our Newmarket mats. Each connector has 4 holes and is designed to join uncut edges of mat, clipping 2 feet on each of the joining mats. Special connectors can be made with more holes, enabling complete lengths of mats to be joined for instance.

These items are made to order, normally on the same day that they are ordered depending on timing, if not at most there will be one day’s delay in despatching.

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