Grass Support Rubber Hollow Mats 1m x 1.5m x 22mm

Reference : 123708

 Grass Mats, GrassSupport™ or GrassPlayMats™

Know under many names, these mats offer a non-slip surface on grass, permeable or non-permeable surfaces. They are a fantastic mat for gateways or poached fields. Our mats offer a safe fall height to BS EN 1177 of 3.5m onto grass so are great for playgrounds.

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Due to an unprecedented amount of orders for matting for home gyms and people doing projects since the start of lockdown, we continue to experience a really high demand for all our products.  We have around 12 containers on the sea or in production, if you would like to reserve mats from our incoming stock, we are happy to hold them for you for a deposit of around 20% of the total order value.  We are finding that entire containers of our most popular products are sold before they even arrive in the UK!  Call us now to avoid disappointment! 01787 886929

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More Info

These mats are designed to be installed straight onto grass using our underlay mesh, Plastic pins and ties. They work by embedding into the root base of the grass and the best time to lay them is spring. This is because you get the most grass growth. However, they are great at  mat for once you already have a problem helping to stop the area getting worse. For these soft area’s the mats can be back-filled with pea-shingle, bark, sand etc to provide harder surface. They are made from 100% Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber Blend with recycled content (carbon black) for environmental purposes.

Grass Mats

Classified as ‘Hollow Rubber Mats’ these mats are 1m x 1.5m x 22mm thick mats have a variety of uses. They are heavily used for horses as Anti-Poaching Mats – especially useful for gateways, around feeders and water troughs*.  See our HEAVY DUTY GRASS REINFORCEMENT MESH  as a tougher alternative – and more economical for 2 or more gateways! They are also very popular in washdown area’s – laid onto concrete, these mats allow water to pass straight through and run into the drain while offering a safe, non-slip floor surface.

Play Mats

These mats are extensively used in and around playgrounds. Our mats come with a 3.5m Critical fall high to BS EN1177:2008 when laid onto grass. We supply the underlay mesh, Plastic pins and ties. We can arrange for the mats to be delivered to site on the day of installation.

Walkway Mats – used on both hard and soft surfaces for a good anti-slip walking surface

Anti-Fatigue Mats – relieves muscle stress when standing in hard surfaces for period of time

Play Mats – up to 3.5m fall height to BS EN1177:2008 when laid onto grass (tests and certification can be offered at your particular site – please call for costs) – copy of our test report and certificate on application.


Safety Matting Test Results


The results of the tests are as follows:

Tested by Smithers Rapra under ISO/IEC 17025 UKAS accreditation

Test Conditions:

Prevailing weather conditions: dry with light winds

Substrate under grass damp

Air Temp 12.1°C

Ground Temp 7.5°C

Date of Test   19.2.2014

HIC Results

Height  HIC    Height  HIC    Height  HIC    Height  HIC

1.70      245    2.00     300    2.30      217    2.60     336

1.70      164    2.00     303    2.30      266    2.60     261

1.70      164    2.00     253    2.30      297    2.60     331

1.70      162    2.00     176    2.30      405    2.60     247

1.70      174    2.00     181    2.30      245    2.60     331

1.70      188    2.00     290    2.30      412    2.60     318

1.70      146    2.00     186    2.30      268    2.60     379

1.70      230    2.00     171    2.30      390    2.60     291

1.70      244    2.00     268    2.30      364    2.60     289


Derived Critical Fall Height

Test Result    Individual Values (m)

1                    6.6

2                    5.7

3                    4.7

4                    4.3

5                    4.2

6                    6.2

7                    3.5

8                    7.3

9                    7.3

CFH, m         3.5

NB: The maximum HIC value for an acceptable level of injury prevention is taken to be 1000. The resultant Critical Fall Height for the sample is determined as the lowest figure obtained within the series of the tests as undertaken rounded down to the nearest 100mm.


The CFH for the sample submitted in this work was found to be 3.5 meters when tested against a grass sub-base. This test was carried out under the particular climatic and site conditions occurring on the day of the test. The results shall therefore not be treated as reproducible to the same standard that can be achieved in a laboratory’+i+dl;f.parentNode.insertBefore(j,f)

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