Underlay Mesh

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The Underlay Mesh is for use with our Grass Support Rubber Hollow Mats.

Designed to offer weight support under rubber mats, especially useful on soft ground or where vehicles are expected to use the area regularly.

The rolls are 2m x 30m in length.

£120.00 inc V.A.T
6 QTY £-2.50

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Underlay Mesh

This Black polyethylene mesh is suitable for light-weight loads (cars, small tractors etc) and should be used in conjunction with GrassSupport mats where vehicles are using the area – especially in soft-ground conditions.

The mesh is simply rolled out, mats laid on the suface, and then pinned through using our Plastic Fixing pins.

Where grass-support mats are used on play areas, the mesh will minimise compression of the mats into the soil and keep them out of the ground surface (alternatively rubber mats will bed down into the soil over a period of time).

The mesh can also be used as a ground stabilisation mesh when layered with aggregate base materials and fabric membranes as part of a roadway build or underlying structure for plastic pavers.

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