Plastic Pins – 190mm


Long Plastic Fixing Pins with barbed end for secure fixing of GrassSupport / GrassPlayMats and Grass Protection Mesh products.

This item is sold in packs of 100

£12.00 inc V.A.T
6 QTY £-1.00
12 QTY £-1.50
30 QTY £-1.75

More Info

These pins are 190mm (7.1/2″) long with a barbed end to ensure they hold in the ground tightly.

In plastic, used in conjunction with our GrassSupport or GrassPlayMats, the pins offer a safe fixing when used to hold mats tight to grassed surfaces.

Again, as a safety feature, the plastic pin is the preferred fixing for mesh products being used in animal enclosures.

Available in Black – or bright Yellow as a markation pin – especially handy for marking out car-park bays or walkways, the pins come in packs of 100.

For Rubber GrassSupport mats, the normal procedure is to use 1 pin in the middle of each sheet and 1 in each corner – so 5 pins per mat. For Grass Mesh products, pins should be used from 500mm to 350mm centres depending on the type of ground (typically a 2m x 20m roll of mesh would use 200 plastic pins)

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