Grass Support Rubber Hollow Mats

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Grass Mats

Known by many names, but fantastic for every application: gateways, poached fields, walkways, anti-fatigue or playgrounds.

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Grass Support Mats are incredibly easy to install using our Plastic Pins and ties. To achieve the best results use our underlay mesh underneath. They work by embedding into the root base of the grass. They can be laid all year round and used straight away.   Installing in the spring when you have the strongest grass growth will give the best results.

If you already have a muddy area these mats prevent it from getting worse.  For soft areas, the mats can be back-filled with rubber chippings, sand, etc. to provide a harder surface. Made from 100% Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber Blend with recycled content (carbon black) for environmental purposes.

Grass Mats

These Hollow mats are 1m x 1.5m x 22mm thick and have a variety of uses.  Anti-Poaching Mats are very popular for gateways, water troughs and  walkways. For heavier applications check out our HEAVY DUTY GRASS REINFORCEMENT MESH  as a tougher alternative.

These mats are also very popular in washdown areas. Mats laid directly on concrete, water can run straight into a drain while providing a safe, non-slip surface.

Play Mats

Grass mats are widely used in playgrounds. Our mats come with a 3.5m Critical fall high to BS EN1177:2008 when laid onto grass. We supply the underlay mesh, Plastic pins and ties. 

Other Applications are:

  • Anti-slip walkways.  both hard and soft surfaces
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats – relieves muscle tension caused by prolonged standing on hard surfaces
  • Play Mats – up to 3.5m fall height to BS EN1177:2008 when laid on grass

Safety / Grass Matting Test Results

25.02.204 – Our mats passed the BS EN 1177:2008 Testing by Smithers Rapra (CTR Number 56666) With a critical fall height of up to 3.5m. When laid onto a non-engineered surface (Grass) – Please contact us if you would like the full technical specification and data analysis.

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Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 100 cm

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