17mm BubbleTop Mat

Reference : HMBT17MM

The Bubbletop Stable mat is 17mm thick and is the same pattern as our Ascot; however this mat material is made from a slightly softer compound.  Offering the best gripping surface of our “Legacy Range” this is a traditional mat with grooves that run the length of mat on the underside.

These mats are 184cm (6ft) x 122cm (4ft) with an average weight of 38kg.

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Our standard bubbletop pattern, providing the best gripping surface but in a 10°sh softer grade material with additional Natural Rubber – sheets 6ft x 4ft with grooved underside. Suitable for use in various applications including the following;

While the mats are normally used bubble up, they are equally as useful laying the bubbles down where they then offer a multi-directional underside drainage especially when laid on trowel finished concrete floors

This softer version of our standard Bubbletop matting,  is one of the most commonly used solid rubber mats in the UK.

The top surface is covered in hundreds of small ‘bubbles’ or domes – approximately 13mm diameter x 2.5mm to 3mm high, offering a good, non-slip surface, particularly useful for older horses that need more grip to get up safely.

The underside of the mat has deep drainage grooves running along the length of the mat offering uni-directional drainage when laid onto concrete floors. This mat can also be laid onto hardcore or earth floors making it very versatile.

If laid tightly between walls, sealing the seams is not really necessary; however this can be done quite simply with various different sealants including our Stable sealant.

This grade is particularly good for bedding cows that benefit from longer periods of lying down which has been proven to increase milk yields! For horses, the softer grade is good where minimal bedding is being used, offering a more comfortable surface.


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