17mm Ascot Mat

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17mm Ascot Mat is the same appearance as the traditional  BubbleTop Mat, but produced from a denser grade of rubber and is therefore harder wearing.




Ascot Mat

The 17mm Ascot Mat is the premium quality solid rubber mat in our range.  Identical to the standard Bubbletop mat in appearance, it is a denser shore hardness of material, therefore harder wearing.   Like the Bubbletop mat, it is covered in domes about the size of a drawing pin head.  Offering a great non-slip surface and with exceptional durability we use this mat for cut segments in Horsewalkers.

17mm Ascot Mat has deep drainage grooves on the bottom that run the length of the mat to assist with drainage. When laid onto hardcore or earth floors, it is a great choice for shelters as well as stables.

Normally used bubble up, when laid with the bubbles down they then offer a multi-directional underside drainage.

We recommend this mat for stables with box walkers or a horse or pony that likes to stamp in the doorway.  The dense shore hardness of material makes this mat able to endure the most persistent character traits!

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Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 120 × 110 × 50 cm

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