3mm Clear PVC Partition Material


£32.20 inc V.A.T

3mm Clear PVC Partition Material in roll form.  1.2m wide and cut to the nearest metre required.

Light and easy to install, but strong and durable.


3mm Clear PVC Partition Material in roll form.

  • Suitable for partitions in Horse boxes
  • Paddles in Horse walkers
  • Light, but strong and durable

This material is 1.2m wide and is sold by the linear metre.  Light and easy for DIY repairs in your horsebox, but strong enough to last.  Also suitable for paddles or screens in Horsewalkers.  Can be used for door screens or draft exclusion, allowing you to see through without the draft!

In a horsebox if attached to the bottom of your partition it will stop anything from passing through.  It will allow light through, helping unsettled travellers.

For installation costs please contact us.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 110 × 50 cm

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