Horsebox & Trailers

Horsebox box’s and trailers can play an essential role in modern equine life! It doesn’t matter if you’re a “happy hacker” or a budding professional the need to get out and about is crucial and keeping your horse safe while you do it is (of course) of the utmost importance! Read on to find the best horsebox matting to keep your horse safe and sound while staying in your payload and budget!

3.5T Boxes & Trailers

The 3.5T Horsebox has grown in popularity over the last 5+ years. Being able to drive them without taking extra tests has been a massive appeal, especially with younger riders. As a smaller vehicle they are able to get nearly anywhere which makes these little vehicles really appealing. The downside is that the payloads can be quite small making every kilo count.

3.5T Horsebox matting

Single Sheet Trailer mat installed into a 3.5T Horsebox

Over the years, 12mm traditional solid rubber mats have been used for Horsebox floors. These are very durable and have used successfully for decades. The only downside is you have quite a lot of leak paths and the average floor is around 60/70KG.
The best horsebox matting for the floors is roll material. It normally works out more expensive, however the benefits can significantly, outweigh the extra cost. By having a single sheet, you minimize leak paths and with the use of sealant around the outside you should be able to stop any urine getting underneath.
We have developed a new 7mm roll form material with a solid bottom, which is extremely durable, whilst keeping the weight down to around 50/60 Kgs.
In order to keep the weight down in boxes, sometimes EVA floor mats are used. However, in our experience this has mixed results. If your horse travels well and you don’t go far, they can be a complete success. If your horse has road studs/nails in, travels nervously or badly then we do not recommend this material.

3.5T Wall Matting

The walls are usually quite standard and when they evolved from the old fashioned and heavy marine ply the methods for covering haven’t really changed in many years.
Generally used now is EVA boards, which are light weight and cost effective. Very easily installed making them the almost perfect product. The only downside to these, is they do mark and if kicked can tear and rip, which obviously isn’t ideal. However, we can supply 20mm thick EVA which is harder for your travelling steeds to destroy.
By far, the most durable option is 6mm rubber insertion. With a high strength nylon fabric running through the middle it is virtually indestructible, however it is heavier and more expensive. If you have hire business or lend your box out this may be a better option, therefore covering the idiosyncrasies of more beasties whilst they travel, and it may work out cheaper in the long run.

Progression of 10mm EVA wall mats being installed into a 3.5T Horsebox

3.5T Ramp Matting

The ramps are normally quite small on these boxes and trailers and there is one product for the job, the Griptop. These has been tried and tested over more years than I care to remember and is worth its weight in gold. The only downside is it is quite hard to keep clean but apart from that its hard wearing, super grippy and won’t break the bank. Please don’t be tempted by 3-4mm material as it won’t last the test of time and is a waste of money and carpet type products don’t last and become super slippery over time.

3.5T Lorry finished with 10mm EVA on the walls and single sheet rubber on the floor

7.5 T + Lorries

The bigger lorry, where to start? The extra space for the living area. No worry about weights or being “over”. All of this comes at cost unfortunately. For starters, you either have to have “Grandad rights” on your licence or you have to take additional tests in order to drive them. As a professional or competitive rider, the chances are you will need a larger vehicle in order to take more than 2 horses and do “stay away” shows.

Horsebox Lorry matting,

Again, traditionally on the floors of these types of boxes you would have standard stable mats, tried and test these have done a fantastic job for many years. But the same pitfalls apply and where the mats joins, urine and bedding can get underneath. Roll material is the only upgrade for the floor in these lorries. Coming 2.4m (8ft) wide and up to 10m long in either 10mm thick solid rubber or 7mm you can have a single sheet. This means very little can get underneath.

Horse Box Wall matting

The wall matting is very similar to the 3.5T Boxes. Mainly because if isn’t broke, why change it? EVA is a fantastic low-cost way of covering the walls giving the horse extra warmth and protection. If they are kicking and ruining the EVA then you can go over to 6mm rubber insertion. The 6mm insertion is a reinforced rubber mat sold on the roll. It is quite heavy, so it needs to be glued up with a mechanical fix at the top. (normally anti-chew strips with screws). This material will take the battering a disgruntled horse will give it whilst traveling.

Ramp Matting

With the extra payload on these boxes, there is another product available. The Moulded Ramp Mat. This is a fantastic product that comes with the treads/bars already moulded in. These being rubber instead of metal, offer better protection to you horse as well as great anti-slip. If you have a manual ramp it might be worth talking to someone about getting your springs adjusted so it’s easier to handle. The Griptop is the other product which has been used for years! Lightweight, durable and cost effective! Not much more you can ask for from a product for your horses.

Still not sure?

We are here to help, if you are still in two minds or would rather have a conversation with a human then please give us a call on 01787 886929. If you have questions but an e-mail will do, send it over to [email protected]

Another great guide can be found on the DVLA website here


Grass mats.. Myth or Magic?

Find out how grass mats can be magic!

Finally, spring is just around the corner, we can all breathe a collective “sigh of relief. The trees that look so sad through the winter, have almost a green glow and it won’t be long before the Spring Equinox is here. We can look forward to long, light evenings riding in less clothes than a polar explorer! It’s has been a perilous wet winter turning paddocks and gateways into quagmires. With us negotiating this twice daily has left many of us losing shoes and boots, slipping over and planting on our bums! Some of us had to resort to our beloved steeds being in 24/7, because the retched mud was so bad. So, if you are at your wits’ end, don’t worry! Next winter it doesn’t have to be this way! With a little bit of planning and work,  your gateways next year could be one less hurdle you have to endure.

What can be done?

We have three different solutions, depending on the severity of your muddy problem, which you might like to consider. The Grass Support Rubber Hollow Mats and Heavy-Duty Grass Protection Mesh both work by embedding in the root base of the grass. The HorsePave Pavers – although more labour intensive, offer a superior system which assists the drainage and helps in, the boggiest gateways. We will take you through each of the options. If you have any other questions then you can of course contact us on 01787 886929 or [email protected]

Worth knowing!

With all these products the timing is key, soil shouldn’t be sticking to your boots in clods the size of house bricks anymore, ideally barely at all. Grass starts growing when the soil temperatures reach between 5° to 6°C. Not that we suggest getting out your roast dinner meat thermometer for poking in your muddy gateways, (although for those particularly eager to get it right, you could!) Weeds thrive in poor soil and poaching, if you leave it too long, you’ll have nettles, thistles, ragwort, dandelions and buttercups poke their heads up. Weeds will stifle the growth of grass so it’s best to keep them down.

Grass Mats / Grass Support Rubber Hollow Mats

22mm Grass Support Rubber Hollow mat laid onto grass with a purple boarder

The grass mats / hollow mats are the most popular option as they can be used immediately after installation. With considered evaluation and a little bit of preparation they can solve the issues in many areas. There is no doubt they don’t suit every application and you should have realistic expectations of them. Importantly, if vehicles run over the area, this may not be the best product for you. When working out the area you want to cover, our advice is always do a larger area than the affected area. This isn’t to just sell more mats we promise! If you only do the poached area, often the problem just gets deferred back. We recommend going a little further out until you get to more stable ground again. For instance, an average 12ft gateway takes 8 mats at 1m x 1.5m, these will cover an area of 3m depth into the paddock and 4m across (a little either side of the gate). By increasing the size covered by a small amount in each direction you are maximizing the area where your horse turns out, therefore minimizing the hoof traffic over one area. Making sure you solve the problem!


Preparation is king with this product, its best to level the ground with a roller and harrow if you have it. If you don’t, you can fill any pits and holes with sharp sand and topsoil. Rolling afterwards if you can. If the area is a high traffic area, poorly draining or clay soil we recommend you use the stabilization mesh under the Hollow mats to give extra support to root base of the grass.


Installation is simple. Lay the Underlay mesh down over the prepared area then start laying the mats on top. Once you have them all down, cable tie them together using roughly 5 per mat. Then just pin through the mat, through the mesh into the ground. Using 5 pins per mat. You need to use extra pins around the edges of the area you are covering to ensure its securely fixed.

After installation

Paddock matting installed in a gateway mouted on a green boarder

Once the mats are installed, they can be used straight away. Depending on what the long-term goal is, will determine if you do anything else to the area. If you had good grass growth before and would like it back, then keeping off the area as much as possible will help it out. Back filling the mats with sharp sand, topsoil and seed will also help. If the grass was bad and you are not too worried about having grass, just back fill with sand. This will make muck picking much easier and will still let the water drain off.


Heavy-Duty Grass Protection Mesh

The Heavy-Duty Grass Protection Mesh (HD Mesh) has different idiosyncrasies to the hollows but in the right place is a fantastic product that is easy to install. The mesh is made of a combination an HDPE plastic and EVA. The EVA layer on the top is for extra anti-slip. Its supplied in roll form of different widths and lengths. This mesh is a good product to use if you must run vehicles over the area. It has an 8T axle weight rating, ensuring you can take your horsebox on it without fear. Again, we recommend covering past the affected area to ensure you get the best results. One side of an average 12ft gateway takes 1 roll of 2m x 10m – cut into 2 rolls of 2m x 5m. The material is pinned to the ground. We recommend using plastic pins for horses, so their hooves don’t get damaged.


The preparation for the HD mesh is generally the same as the hollow mats. If you are laying onto existing grass and you already have good, strong, established, growth, the mesh will embed quickly, and you will be able to use the area quicker. You do have to cut the grass as short as possibly before laying the mesh clearing up any cuttings. If the grass is worn away or has dip’s, rut’s or holes. Fill these first with sharp sand topsoil and seed compressing or rolling afterwards.



Installation is quick and painless, if it’s sunny, even better! Unroll the roll and lay it out in the area you are looking to cover. Cutting where needed. Then leave it for a while, this will let the plastic relax and start to mold to the ground. Then start one end of the roll and start pinning and moving down the roll as you go. We pin 4 across, then move down 25cm, pin 3 across and then repeat. Following the initial installation, if you watch the area the mesh may expand, causing bubbles/ lumps to appear. Just bang another pin in to keep it tight to the ground.

After installation

Post installation is where this product needs the most care. It works best by embedding in the root base of the grass. If you can stay off it until it has disappeared.  If you can’t you can lead your horse over the area with care. Don’t leave the horses loose on the area until the grass is established. While the grass grows through the mesh it is best to keep mowing the area, this will encourage grass growth and quicker embedding. A good guide is 3-4 cuts of the grass but once you can’t see the mesh then you can use as normal.

The HorsePavePavers

The Horsepave Pavers (Pavers) are the “belt and braces” of all our solutions. They are not suitable for everyone as they require more work, however they do mean, muddy boots are a thing of the past! The Pavers are super heavy duty with a weight loading of 260T per square meters. They frequently used in commercial car parking because of their hard wearing and drainage properties. Each tile is 495mm x 495mm square and 45mm thick, each clipping together.


Horsepave being installed showing the preperation work aswell

Paver preparation is quite extensive however, it does give a fantastic finish. First you need to plot out the area you are looking to cover and mark it out. Then get digging! You will need to dig down between 100-125mm depending how much subbase you require. Once the surplus soil has been excavated, you need to put in a retaining border or “curb”. We normally use wood for light vehicle use and horses, however, for commercial car parking or heavy vehicles, concrete curbs are required. Lay between 25-50mm of MOT type subbase (depending how much you need; very boggy areas may require more) and level with a compactor. Then to suppress weeds, lay a membrane, which if using a wooden retainer, can simply be stapled to the wood.


HorsePave Matting installed ready to be backfilled with soil

The first step of the installation is sand. We use sharp sand as it compacts tightly and is cost effective. Start in a corner, doing a “test patch” to get the levels right. On average a minimum of 30mm of sand is required, however, it can be a little, “trial and error” to establish the correct depth, adding a little or taking some away. Lay a section of sand, put a paver on and compact it. Ideally the paver top will be 1-3mm under the height of the edge board. With the first paver installed, where you are happy, drag the sand out to the correct depth. Then, lay the pavers on top staggering like brickwork and clipping together. Compact the area with a Whacker plate to ensure it is solid. Back fill, the pavers with topsoil and grass seed, covering the area entirely, then Whacker plate the area again ensuring the soil is compacted into the pavers. It is also possible to fill the cells of the pavers with pea shingle or woodchip.

After Installation

Paddock Walkway completed with Horse pave

The area can be used straight away. However, if you would like a grass track or area, we advise staying off it for as long as possible, allowing the grass to establish. Should you need to use the path straight away, simply section off one side until the grass is grown and then swap over. Like the other products, if using with grass the pavers sit just under the surface, embedding in the root base of the grass

Still not sure?

This has been a brief overview of the three products we use and recommend, to combat poached fields, walkways and gateways. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic wand and there is not a solution that suits everybody. If you would like some advice on which is going to be best for you, your field and steed. You can call or e-mail. Equally if you want a more in-depth knowledge of installation give us a call. The best number is 01787 886929 and the e-mail is [email protected] You can also catch us on Instagram and Facebook.

Team Horsemat

Team Horsemat

Our Team is brand and business integrity. Our people give Horsemat meaning, personality and life. Kim and Steve believe “you are a long time working” so it is vital that their staff are happy in what they do. After all, the only way to achieve great things is with great people, who truly enjoy their job!

We work hard and play hard, but never a day goes past when we don’t all belly laugh together and as for Friday afternoons… it descends to generally total hysterical filth and often a sing along, sometimes even Disney!

We pride ourselves on our friendly approach, our honesty and best advice. There are not many scenarios we haven’t come across when discussing the best products for applications from a “foot fetish” companies inner soles to matting for so many different horses, hot tubs to Rhino’s, we doubt there is much that will surprise us!

So, we thought we would introduce you to our team, giving you a little insight into who we are!

A Emoji of Steve Cant

Steve Cant

Steve is Kim’s husband – he is the entrepreneurial and technical brains behind Horsemat – mostly day to day he runs our sister company East Anglian Sealing Company, but as a husband and wife team they are fully aware of what goes on in each other’s domains! In his spare time, he enjoys, shooting – clays mainly, fishing – but now he is “getting on a bit”, only in the nice weather and has in the last year restarted his passion for Art and takes classes. With regards to Horses although probably the team member with the most experience, he prefers “Horsepower” with brakes and a steering wheel now, he says he doesn’t bounce anymore! As a good ol’ Suffolk Boy, he can be a bit blunt, calls a “Spade a SPADE” and has a sandpaper dry sense of humour – which is probably reflected in the answers to his questions:

Favourite place in the world and place you would like to go? “Bed and Heaven”

If you could be any animal what would you be?“A pig” followed by the first line of a song, Kim guesses he doesn’t know the rest of the words….”A pig is an animal with dirt on his face”…
His shoes are a terrible disgrace
He has no manners when he eats his food….

What is your pet peeve? People asking stupid questions!

What was the best meal you’ve ever had? The last one (incidentally bacon rolls)

Favourite Quote?“Horses, put £50 notes in the mouth and get 50p bags of s*** out the back!”

a Emoji Of Kim Cant

Kim Cant

Kim would say that Steve lives to work and she works to live, and as co-directors it’s probably why they’re still married! She is the Management brains behind Horsemat (and East Anglian Seals) and day to day she heads the Horsemat office. Otherwise known as “Mama Kim”, she clucks around us all ensuring we are fed, watered, warm, and happy. Sadly, she says, that setting her up in her own business, was Steve’s cunning plan to keep her too busy for horses. She still loves them – particularly Suffolk Punches and different disciplines. Kim loves her holiday’s and can be found browsing exotic places on the internet. She always has her Kindle with her, although rarely knows the name of the book she is reading, just knows it’s usually, good! And of course, her family, real and borrowed – she can’t wait to become a Nana this year.

Favourite place in the world and place you would like to go?

Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka means prosperous land, in this day and age we associate prosperity with the material things we have, Sri Lanka taught me that prosperity is the beauty of its surroundings and its people, who work so hard to live in harmony with each other.

South Africa – particularly Tambuti Lodge, Black Rhino Game Reserve, already been but would love to go back, taking all my children, otherwise known as SADBAG’s, sons and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, take it over, it only has 5 rooms and share with them and enjoy their thrill and excitement on game drives.

If you could be any animal what would you be?

A White Rhino – but only if I could wipe out all poachers by stamping on them.

What is your pet peeve? Bad Manners – “manners maketh man”

What was the best meal you’ve ever had? Either Christmas dinners with all my family, a standard set by my amazing grandparents or Launceston Place in London – 9 course tasting menu, with Steve for his birthday, not necessarily the meal although it was superb but it was romantic (one of very few occasions) and a time with him I will always treasure.

Favourite Quote?If the person you are talking to doesn’t seem to be listening, be patient. It may be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear – Winnie the Pooh. I think Steve might have a small sheep in both his ears!

a emoji of Tom Walker

Tom Walker

Tom is now Horsemat’s Business Development manager. He has been with HM (and East Anglian seals) for 13 years. He came to us straight from school at 16, his desire to earn money being his biggest priority. Boy to man, he has grown with us, through pure hard graft and turning his hands to everything, there is very little about any aspect of the business he doesn’t know and very few scenarios he hasn’t come across. Although now happily married to the long-suffering Becky, with two gorgeous children of 8 and 5, he is a loveable rogue and a bit of a charming flirt! He has beautiful Eurasia Dog called Ember. His 8 year old daughter desperately wants to take up riding at the moment and he is doing everything in his power to put her off!

In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking and watching Rugby with a beer in hand!

Favourite place in the world and place you would like to go? Choice: From my heart riding my bike, from my head and probably the option I SHOULD say “Spending time with my wife and kids!”

I would really like to go to Canada or New Zealand.

If you could be any animal what would you be? A Cheetah, because they are fast and hard to see.

What is your pet peeve? Girls NOT lifting the toilet seat up after they have been to the loo! 😜

What was the best meal you’ve ever had? A taverna in Greece, eating giros and watching the sunset.

Favourite Quote? “You can never have too much of a good thing”

Emoji of Ben Barton

Ben Barton

Ben’s been with HM for a year now and is a total delight to have on our team fitting in like a glove. Working here you need to give as good as you get and with his banter, he does just that! Previously he worked as a manager for a local store, switching to lugging around heavy mats, fitting stables and smelling like he’s rolled around in a muck heap, was a total contrast and in his words “it’s a massive improvement!” In his spare time, he enjoys going to the cinema with his girlfriend Ella and in 2020 they will be buying their first house. There is no doubt Ben’s our Disney specialist and can beat us all hands down with Disney “Name that tune” and “the film!” Up until now he hasn’t had much experience with horses – this is now something he is getting used to!

Favourite place in the world and place you would like to go? Porto Santo – little sister island near Madeira. Everyone’s dream – New York!

If you could be any animal what would you be? A giraffe! In our opinion he is tall and lanky enough!

What is your pet peeve? Hearing people eat -particularly crisps – that’ll be Thomas then!

What was the best meal you’ve ever had? A simple place but Bella Italia at Centre Parcs, it was my first trip there with Ella, it was a great meal and really romantic. We have been back since, but hasn’t been as the same! (Romantic devil – Tom and Steve obviously haven’t influenced him yet then?!).

Favourite Quote?  Cool Runnings – “I see Pride! I see Power! I see a bad-ass Mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!”

Emoji Of Mary-Rose


Mary-Rose is our Accounts Manager and has been with us for 8 years. Our previous Accounts Manager Sandy (Kim’s Mum) was approaching retirement, so she spoke to her “SAGE” accounts teacher to see if she knew anyone who was looking for a job and you guessed it, we poached the teacher! Working 3 days a week, M-R is split between Horsemat and East Anglian Seals and is our in-house grammar expert. Underlining e-mails in red pen and proof-reading our content. Mary-Rose is not a typical boring accountant, in her spare time she enjoys sailing although, preferably in good weather now. She thoroughly enjoys her holidays and spending time with her Grandson.

Before coming to work with us, M.R. hadn’t had vast experience of any animals but with 3 Springer Spaniels and a cat regularly in the office and speaking daily to our horsey people, she learnt about them pretty quickly and now is an animal lover like all of us.

Favourite place in the world and place you would like to go? A deserted beach in Thailand, M.R would love to go to the Seychelles but fears her husband would drive her crazy because he would be bored!

If you could be any animal what would you be? A Cat!

What is your pet peeve? People who moan for the sake of it!

What was the best meal you’ve ever had? Xmas lunch with my family

Favourite Quote? If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely – Roald Dahl.

a emoji of Theo Cant

Theo Cant

Yes, of course he’s Kim and Steve’s son! He is 19 and still deciding what he wants to do as he isn’t interested in being the “heir” to the empires. Theo had his first boiler suit to wear around the yard when he was 6 and knows all about the businesses. Now he dispatches the mats and whips round on the forklift normally with his Springer Spaniel Ruby. At 6ft 4 tall he needs feeding at regular intervals and in his spare time he likes going to see his girlfriend Millie who lives in Wakefield. He also enjoys Mountain biking with Tom, it is a regular occurrence they go off together and come back filthy and occasionally with tales and videos of spectacular tumbles from their bikes. Theo is also very passionate about cars and can often be found staring at the latest super car.

Favourite place in the world and place you would like to go? Like his father – his bed! Dubai, he loves all supercars.

If you could be any animal what would you be? My dog Ruby

What is your pet peeve? My Mother asking stupid questions – also like his father!

What was the best meal you’ve ever had? In Wakefield with Millie, I arranged for her favourite Rugby player to turn up at the restaurant and give her a bunch of flowers – Kim says he doesn’t get his romantic streak from his father!

Favourite Quote? “Real Men are what their Mothers made them.” – He couldn’t think of one so Kim found him one!!!!

a emoji of Dominik Hunar

Dominik Hunar

Otherwise known as “Dom” or “Hunar”, he mainly works for EAS but helps out on busy days. Unbelievably, he has already worked for us for 18 months. He is Czech and a lovely guy, but is perhaps the most gullible. Often on the receiving end of the practical jokes in the office and gives it back when he gets the opportunity! Dom  is another great asset to our team. When Theo isn’t here, he is Ruby’s best friend! He recently got married to Suzie and they are expecting their first baby in February, which he is hoping won’t interfere too much with playing Play Station and watching his favourite football team, Arsenal.

Favourite place in the world and place you would like to go? Anywhere with my best friends.   America one day

If you could be any animal what would you be? A Wolf or an Eagle

What is your pet peeve? I hate waiting

What was the best meal you’ve ever had? My Nan’s spaghetti

Favourite Quote? The sky is the limit

a Emoji of Jamie Griffiths

Jamie Griffiths

Jamie has been with us for 5 years and is now Business Development Manager for East Anglian Seals, however, he crosses over and helps Horsemat out when we need it. He is a very cheeky chap and looks just like Alijaz from Strictly Come Dancing. Although quieter about it than Tom, he is normally behind many of the practical jokes. Jamie likes to be very organized and everything to be just so! He is an avid football player and actually very good, playing for Plymouth and Ipswich in his prime! Now he is older and he plays for a local team at the weekends.

  Following the birth of his beautiful little boy called Harvey, who’s just turned one, he is now getting some pressure to marry his lovely girlfriend Amber.

Favourite place in the world and place you would like to go? At my Mum’s dinner table! New York at Christmas.

If you could be any animal what would you be? A whale, because they constantly eat and go wherever they want 😀

What is your pet peeve? When the tea, coffee & sugar pot lids don’t line up the same & the list goes on…..

We told you he liked to be organized!

What was the best meal you’ve ever had? Mum’s roast dinner win’s every day of the week

Favourite Quote? There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Customer Service

All our team are key in providing the fantastic customer service we do! If you have any questions about of our products please get in contact and speak to one of us or head over to contact us.

[email protected] | 01787 886929


Why buy Stable mats?

Rubber stable mats have been around for a long time now but there is still a little bit of uncertainty about what they do and what benefits they offer. Or is it simply something nice to do for your horse / pony? Well hopefully I can clear this up for you!

There are surprising amount of positives you will get by just installing mats. I’ve listed them out below to try and keep things clear.


Low profile stable mats with a starw bed on top

Stable mat Positives

Warmth – Stable mats can add quite a lot of warmth to your stables, especially through the winter months! With the matting being 17mm thick and made from solid rubber it’s a great insulator and helps to keep to the cold of the concrete floor away!

Protection – how many times has your horse caught or scraped their hocks? With matting this can be a thing of the past! Minimizing the chances of unnecessary cuts or scrapes or vet bills! The 17mm rubber offers excellent protection from the concreate floor. We also have matting for protecting them against the walls and doors to, but that’s for another day.

Saving Money who doesn’t want to save money? How much money depends on you and your horse. As a rule of thumb, we say you can reduce the bed by a third however, you do have to use some common sense. If you go in most of the bedding is wet, add some more; if there’s loads of dry bedding, take some out. While the matting is fantastic, it is non-porous, so you still need bedding to soak up all the urine.

Saving Time – This one is important as no one has enough of this in their lives! With less bedding there is less to muck out. add in an easy sweep pattern and you could be in and out in a flash, giving you time for a longer shower and time to dry your hair? (We’ve all been to work with semi-wet hair and had to deal with the frizzy aftermath in the afternoon.)


The Drawbacks of matting

Don’t panic! While there are some minor drawbacks don’t be put off by them as we have a way to get around them all. I know it seems backwards for us to tell you about these however, we have to as you need to know the whole picture!

Weight – The mats are heavy at around 38-40 KG per mat they can be back breaking. The reason for the weight is, if its easy for you to move around, then it will be easy for your horse to move around. You really don’t want this, if they are moving them around you will be forever putting them back and cleaning them out. So, the mats are nice and heavy so once they’re down, there down! If you don’t want to have to move them fear not! We offer full installation on all our products, so you don’t have to! There is a “quote me for fitting” button on every page, hit that and we can get that sorted for you.

Cleaning – The mats do need cleaning from time to time. If you have installed them yourself or had a loose laid installation it will be at least once a year. equally, if you have a very wet horse, then you might need to do if more often. If this doesn’t sound like something you want to have to do, then just have your mats fully sealed. Our fully sealed installation stops anything getting under the mats so all you have to do is hose the mats down and let them dry! Much easier!


How do you get yours?

Simple, Click Here to go over to our stable mat page on the website. Or, if you prefer a person then just give us a call on 01787 886929 our friendly staff can explain all the types of mats and help you choose the mat which is going to suit you and your horse the most. IF you haven’t got time for either, you can always drop us an e-mail. Just let us know your stable size and postcode and we will get a full quote over to you [email protected] or Via Facebook 

If you wanted to see which mat is going to suit you best, check out our blog: Stable mats- what’s right for you?



Stable matting – what’s right for you?

Having stable matting can be fantastic, they will protect your horse, save you money and save you time! The big questions is, which ones do you need? With many styles on the market is seems hard to find which ones will suit you best.

We stock a range of different stable matting; this isn’t to make it harder, it’s just to ensure we have all bases covered! The three styles most used in stables are:

The Bubbletop Stable Mat

This mat is great if you have an older or younger horse that has trouble getting up or down. It has drawing pin size bubbles on the top side to give the best anti-slip surface possible. The down side is, with all that extra grip, it is a pain to sweep clean if you use shavings or pellets. This mat has grooves on the underside to assist with drainage.

The Amoebic Stable Mat 

This mat has a low-profile pattern which makes it easy to sweep clean and maintain. For this reason, it is our most popular mat, as who wants to spend all their time mucking out? Your horse will still get loads more grip than before as rubber is far more slip resistant than concrete. The grooves on the underside are for drainage.

The Cobbletop Stable Mat

This mat is the middle man, it has a rolling bubble pattern so offers more grip than the Amoebic mat yet is easier to sweep clean than the Bubbletop mat. This mat also has grooves on the underside to aid drainage.

If you have any questions or doubts we are only a phone call away and are happy to talk you through each of the mats and send you samples so you can see them for yourselves!

With nationwide delivery, you need to decide if you want to fit them yourselves, have them fitted or get them sealed.

Fully Sealed installation

With this type of installation the mats are glued together using our Stable Sealant and expansion joints to ensure the stable is fully sealed. We use expansion gaps to allow the mats to freely expand and contract naturally. This type of installation means nothing gets under the mats so you don’t have to lift them out and clean underneath.

Loose Laid installation

 with this installation we cut the mats so there are no gaps to minimise the amount of fluid that gets underneath. Unfortunately, you will still need to take the mats out every year to clean them out.

We are based in the East of England and mainly cover the South East for installations however, we do cover most of the UK. For a free quote or any advice please call 01787 886929 | [email protected] | Facebook

Our Service Promise

When you buy from Horsemat Ltd. We are make a promise to you. Our service promise covers the following things, with a brief description on each point. If their anything you need to know please get in contact us. 01787 886929, [email protected]

Free Advice

Whether you are just looking or you are committed to buying, we are on hand to talk via phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have. We are able to work out how many mats you need as well as going through the different options to ensure you get the right one for you and your horse!

– Honesty

We pride ourselves on our integrity; we would rather not sell you a product than sell you something that won’t work. We will also talk the through the benefits of our different products and services and will advise you on the best one for you (not the most expensive).


Our Staff have over 65 years of combined experience with rubber and equestrian matting. So it doesn’t matter if you want to use matting in a conventional way or not we are on hand to help you with your project, no matter how wacky it may be.

– Installation

We offer three different types of installation and will go through the pro’s and con’s for each one with you. We also promise that you will be happy with the installation when we leave. If something were to go wrong afterwards; we promise to do everything we can to put it right.

Personal Service

Horsemat Ltd. is here to help you. No matter how many mats you want we promise to do everything we can to make your purchase as easy as possible. If you think we could improve on anything, we would love to hear how!

– Reputable Company

Horsemat Ltd. is a reputable company that has been trading over 10 years. We are VAT registered with a registered address and landline telephones. This means you can buy in confidence knowing that if you have a problem, we will still be here to sort it out for you.

– Bespoke Service

Our service is tailored to you whether it is getting your delivery to you on a certain day, or having something made, cut or designed specially for you, we have all the tools required to make it happen for you.

– Measuring & Site Visit*

If you are unsure about any of your measurements, or would like to see one of our team we are able to visit you on site and talk through all the options and measure your stables, horse walker , paddocks or walkways. *Please note there may be a charge involved which we would discuss this with you before hand.



How do stable mats save you money?

We all like to save money and everyone has heard that matting can save you money however, after getting a quote, many are left thinking there is no way you will ever save more than you spend. Here is a quick guide to let you how you can actually save money! 



Firstly you can reduce your bedding by at least a third although, as we all know, our beasties are all different, it is not an exact science, a bit of trial and error and common sense!  If you are lucky and there is lots of dry bedding you can take some more out, after all, once you have matting down, the bed is really only there to soak up urine! If your stable is wet and smells put some more back! As a rough guide if you are spending £100 on bedding each month then you could save £33 per month! The first year the mats will pay for themselves then after that, it is just money in the bank… or on other equine stuff! 



What price on our time? This is something none of us have enough of and the little you do have, you don’t want to spend more time than necessary mucking out the horses! Well the good news is once you are using less bedding you have less to clear out so you should be able to get round faster leaving you more time to ride! 



This is really just an extra little benefit, in addition to the main first two however, every penny counts in today’s world! Now you’re using less bedding you will be throwing less away! So no matter how you get rid of it, it will become less frequent! 


So now you know how it saves you money, you now have the hard task of finding the right mats and service for you! Although, if you call or drop us an e-mail we would be delighted to talk you through the different options! If not, CLICK HERE to get over to our website and have a look for yourself! 


Thanks for reading! Team Horsemat!


Fire Safe Matting

Our NEW FIRE SAFE matting range is designed for high-wear applications in buildings, public places, trains, buses, plains, ships – in fact anywhere that strict fire regulations apply for safety reasons.

The material is a synthetic rubber floor covering produced in a range of colours and surface finish. As an example, it meets the stringent requirements of the UK Rail Industry conforming to BS6853:1999 Cat 1a and 1b and comes with an M1 flame resistance qualification.

Particularly designed for public transport such as trains the material has some impressive specifications including ;

BS475 P7 Spread of Flame; BS6853:1999 D8.6 Low Smoke; BS6853:1999 B4.2 Non Toxicity; BS6853:1999 Fire Behaviour; BS476 pt 6 Fire Behaviour; SATRA TM 144 Slip Resistance; BS7976-2:2002 Slip Resistance; DIN 53 516 Abrasion Resistance; ASTM D4060 Abrasion Resistance; E6264 Graffiti Resistance; E6264 Chemical Resistance

The material is supplied in 3mm or 4mm thickness roll form and can be supplied with various patterns or textures according to your requirements. It is normally bonded down to the underlying floor, and suitable adhesives depending on the floor material, can also be provided.