Plastic Pins – 160mm


Tough Plastic Fixing Pins – short, for harder ground and lighter fixing applications – Animal-Friendly

These pins are sold in packs of 100


When used with the Grass Support Rubber Hollow mats you require roughly 5 pins per mat depending on the application.

£10.80 inc V.A.T
6 QTY £-0.75
12 QTY £-1.50
30 QTY £-1.75

More Info

For harder or stoney ground, steel pins are normally suggested for our mesh products – however as a safety feature and for play mats or use with animals, these short 160mm plastic pins can be used.

The pins are simply knocked into the ground (a mallet is better than a hammer) to hold the mesh or grasssupport mat tight to the ground while the grass establishes itself and the mesh or mat beds down. Once the grass has grown through and the root system has grabbed the mat, the pins become redundant and can be removed (if they can be found!)

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