36ft Diameter x 6ft 6in walkway

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Pre-Cut Dovetailed Horse Walker Mats are cut to order from high grade Ascot mats are to suit your walker. They simply lock together using dovetails to ensure no movement. The solid rubber walker mats are fast becoming one of our best selling products and after the last few years, have proven much popular than alternative surfaces.

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Our Bespoke Horse walker mats are produced from patterned solid rubber mats in 70°shore hardness. These mats are hard wearing solid rubber that have being tried and tested since 2005. They have proved to last much longer than conventional high-density crumb tiles and are a more cost effective system. The solid rubber mats can be turned over when the top surface wears and used with the grooved surface upward for a further period of time.

The mats are cut specifically to your horse walker dimensions, so you will be asked to complete a disclaimer with your measurements on for us to create the CAD drawing. To measure your walker, start by measuring across the centre from the outside to outside in at least 4 different places. At the same point, measure the walkway width on each side, by giving us these dimensions we will be able to confirm any ovality and the best size to cut your mats.

The fitting of these mats is very easy and much quicker than other products. Each section drops into place, locking together the dovetailed pieces on each side of the mats. We like to say these mats are the biggest jigsaw you will ever do. It will normally take 2 people a couple of hours lay a full set depending on the size.

It is not advisable to use road studs or nails on exercisers – irrespective of the type of mat used as these can seriously reduce the life of the mat (remember, this type of foot-wear will also wear through concrete quickly!). Rubber floors are also not recommended for animals moving faster than walking pace.

A 36ft outside diameter walker with a 6ft 6in walkway will normally be supplied as 30 large segment dovetailed mats, and 30 smaller dovetailed mats, to extend the walkway width.

Solid rubber hard-wearing mats, pre-cut into dovetailed segments to form perfect circular walkways.


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      Please note, 1 thickness of each mat will be sent however, all requested thickness will be shown.

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